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For influenza virus protection mask Morse series


High functionality based on high-ranking official of the Department of Defense, which was developed about 50 years ago in the United States, was brought up to a level now technology, invented by. Ronald Morse Dr. Dr, it is also compatible with the new flu that led to the realization is a mask.


Morse mask

Morse mask series collected more than 99% of fine particles of 0.1 micron.

U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved inspection agency

Collection rate above has been proven in the United States Nelson Institute U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved inspection agency.


School corporation Kitasato Institute Kitasato University Kitasato Institute

Results at school corporation Kitasato Institute Kitasato University Kitasato Institute Medical Center Hospital, and subjected to anti-virus performance test using influenza virus of the actual (H1N1 type), it was confirmed infectious titer reduction of 99.9999%.

To protect from influenza virus from the developer of Morse mask series


Infection of influenza has become a problem all over the world currently, and is taken up on a large scale every day in the media. If the virulent influenza (H5N1 type) was popular, self-defense by the mask is essential need. The mask that I have devised, was added to the science and technology of Japan in non-woven fabric is produced America, was completed by the sewing of China. It has the approval of many, including the inspection agency FDA of America world's most stringent, and we are confident to be a mask and reliable than any other product in the world. We would like to propose at a fast pace all over the world for many lives that even one person Sukeka.

policymakers Dr.Ronald A. Morse Pentagon, State Department, Department of Energy, I engaged in the analysis. UCLA international project manager and Bush administration economic affairs chief of staff based on the University of Maryland before. University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor. The author of numerous including the "Japan-US relations awakened" book.

Certification and evaluation of six

Infectious titer reduction 99.9999% of influenza virus real


Normal mask only with the test with a pseudo-virus, but of reducing 99.9999% the infectious titer of the virus as empirical data in the Kitasato Institute with the influenza virus type A only real Morse series There is a high empirical data.


Proven FDA collection rate of the mask


Data of the non-woven fabric of Nelson's, which is also the certification laboratories FDA also properly aligned properly. (Requires check whether the data of Nelson is correct in inexpensive mask)

Information reliability certification of Morse Morse guard protection


Japan Medical Association is stockpiled Morse guard mask to prevent infection, many companies appreciate the reliability of the Morse series mask, and then stockpile company for employees, sales in general. Usually mask is common over-the-counter sales, but mask of Morse series has been adopted by many for stockpiling and large companies.

Japan Medical Science Exchange Association Medical Corps

Presentation at Japan Infectious Diseases Society of Mohs mask series


Its performance has been presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Infectious Diseases.

The certification by EMA


I was certified from (earth Messengers Association) EMA to be placed in Nevada, USA headquarters.

Earth Messengers Association and (EMA) Earth Messengers Association

The 9th February 2009, EMA (Emma) was established as a subordinate body of (WWS) World Watching Society that was the slogan the "fusion and harmony of the environment and the economy". Chairman, Dr. Ronald Morse. We hold the EMA conference in Kyoto, we have a chance to talk about the global problem.

For mail order Morse mask

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