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Privacy policy

Co., Ltd. Ace International Japan, we believe that it is important to recognize personal information constitutes as privacy, to measure the thoroughness of the protection, and social responsibility of the Company. We will work on proper handling so as to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information, available to be worry your thoughts on privacy in the WEB site.

1, acquisition of personal information in this WEB site, signing up for the product, and product inquiries. We collect personal information on name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., proper from the customer.

2, if you want to use personal information that has been entrusted to us by our customers, and clearly the purpose of use in each case, we will use within the scope of its intended use. In addition, it does not for the purpose of other than to use the personal information you have entrusted to us without your consent. In addition, we have been recorded in this WEB site, whether some of the many times have access to a specific page. Is intended to record the access situation, it does not identify the individual. I will use in the improvement of this WEB site statistical data obtained. 

3, for the provision to third parties of personal information not be provided to third parties, except in the following cases: personal information you have entrusted to us by our customers. In addition, if you want to outsource to a third party all or part of the personal information, so that the safety management of personal information to conduct rigorous research on the third party, has been entrusted with the handling is carried out properly, third party strive to make the arrangements for personal information, and completeness of personal information protection. In providing

(1)Various services, if there is consent to outsource all or part range
(2)Purpose on using in conjunction within the scope of a third party
(3)Purpose on using in accordance with the inheritance of business
(4)Merger and demerger, transfer of business, etc., if the personal information is provided legal obligation judicial institutions, from government agencies on the basis of laws and regulations
(5)If you receive a request with a personal Information Protection Act, etc.  

4, for the safety management of personal information to strictly control personal information you have entrusted to us by our customers, and need for falsification leakage, or damage, and safety management of personal information to prevent other damaged I will take the appropriate action. 

5,5, Inquiry of personal information, correction, about deleting personal information that has been entrusted to us by our customers, and if there is any claim inquiry content, correction, about removing, we will respond promptly. At that time, if you can not confirm that it is your identity, it does not respond to your request. 

6, the use of cookies in our WB site, you may want to use a cookie (cookies). This function is stored in a system of the use of the recording visited this WEB site is cookies. You can set it to notify you when it has been sent to the browser of your own this cookie, you choose whether or not accepting cookies.

7, Company will protect personal information, but when our own is disclose, your personal information could be obtained by other users. Please be careful enough to handling the personal information on the Internet connection. 

8, For a link from our WEB site. We can not be responsible for the protection of personal information in the WEB site (personal or business person) other than the Company for a link from this WEB site. 

9, organization and management system company and personal information management responsible for the Miyao Shunsuke will be carried out continuous improvement and proper management of personal information. About changing

10, According to company policy if there is any changes, it shall enter into force from time to time except in the case set forth by our company was separately posted on this WEB site. 

11, Contact Us With regard to the handling of personal information of our company, If you would like query personal information, correction, deletion, etc., we ask that you to contact us at the following. 

[Contact] Ace International Co., Ltd. Japan
03-5443-8444 phone (9:30 to 18:00)