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Folding cane tasukaru mini

health equipment

It is reliable when you walking at night. LED lights made ​​in Japan. Can be switched to the pattern lights flashing/constantly 
light source placed in the handle and alert the bike or car with red backlight approaches from behind. 
Ideal for emergency economical because you do not need replacement of light manual power generation type, battery power 
and siren switch for when the voice is hard to appear in the dead throat and shock 
stick and easy to use is light, length to suit your height adjustable to 10 levels 
strap to put it on the wrist, hard to slip to fit tightly in the shape of a palm 
SG marked based on the “consumer lifestyle products Product Safety Act”. It is a product safety is being pursued under strict conditions.

  • Length: 76 ~ 86cm
  • Weight: 260g
  • Material: Aluminum ※ spare rubber cap included
  • Color: black (black), black pedicel, pedicel pink, polka dots, pink rose pattern, black rose pattern, blue floral, purple pattern
  • JAN:black:4525697501167、black pedicel:4525697501105、pedicel pink:4525697501112、polka dots:4525697501150、pink rose pattern:4525697501143、black rose pattern:4525697501136:blue floral:4525697501129、purple pattern:4525697501174

This product belongs to Ace International Japan online shopping site.


This product belongs to Ace International Japan online shopping site.

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