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Morse guard – stockpiling flu mask

Anti-virus products

Mask is essential to the flu. 
Morse guard used in the double filter to cut 99% of the virus four-layer structure, the 0.1 micron. It is a high-performance mask not miss it for viruses static and silver-based antimicrobial agent processing. 
Measures PM2.5 fine particulate matter, is effective new coronavirus also (MERS). 
Situation of the product is in short supply continues. 
The thing that is made ​​is the standard of previous “S size” is displayed on the product package, there is it, because it is the same product that I am allowed to guide the size of the mask, for performance, please use it in peace. We apologize for the inconvenience, I ask to have you understand.

  • Capacity: 12 bags 5 pcs. / Bag 1 × (total of 60 pieces)
  • S Size: 9cm × 15cm
  • L size: 9.5cm × 17.5cm
  • Filter: 4 layer
  • Filter processing: 
    silver ion-based antimicrobial agent processing and electrostatic charge special filter used
  • Rating: information reliability certified products
Capacity: 12 bags 5 pcs. / Bag 1 × (total of 60 pieces)

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Morse mask series was certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Small Enterprise Promotion Corporation.

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for SME Development Corporation to do business development in the “New Market development support project”, “Morse mask series” was certified as support products covered by this business.
This is what in Tokyo small and medium-sized companies that have a high reputation in the technical force and product development capability as for companies in Tokyo and product development, “technology” is the target, this time our “Morse Mask Series” There By receiving the same certification, and it was with the height of the quality of our products has been demonstrated once again.

Features of Morse guard

Virus size and Morse guard mask

Morse guard filter mask is using a filter to cut more than 99% of the 0.1 micron size of the influenza virus.

Infectious titer decline 99.9999%

There is a high empirical data in the experiments in the Kitasato Institute with the influenza virus type A genuine, of reducing 99.9999% the infectious titer of the virus.

Already demonstrated FDA collection rate virus

Data of the non-woven fabric of Nelson’s, which is also the certification laboratories FDA also properly aligned properly.

Information reliability certification

Examination in third party accreditation body by NPO Japan Medical Association medical team to the mother the NPO Japan Medical Association, it has been evaluated.

Presentation at Japan Infectious Diseases Society

Its performance has been presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Infectious Diseases.

EMA certification

It was certified from (earth Messengers Association) EMA to be placed in Nevada, USA headquarters.

This product belongs to Ace International Japan online shopping site.

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